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Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA)

PREA (Prison RapeElimination Act)


The Federal PRISON RAPE ELIMINATION ACT of 2003 aimed to curb prison rape through a “zero tolerance” policy, as well as through research and information gathering.  The act called for developing national standards to prevent incidents of sexual violence in prison.


The Taft MCCF is committed to providing a safe, humane, secure environment, free from sexual misconduct.  This will be accomplished by maintaining a program to address education/prevention, detection, response, investigation, and tracking of sexual misconduct and to address successful community re-entry of the victim.  Taft MCCF shall maintain a zero tolerance for sexual misconduct in its facility.  All sexual misconduct is strictly prohibited.  Retaliatory measures against employees or offenders who report incidents of sexual abuse shall not be tolerated and shall result in disciplinary action and/or criminal prosecution.  Retaliatory measures include, but are not limited to, coercion, threats of punishment, or any other activities intended to discourage or prevent an employee or offender from reporting the sexual abuse.

The Taft MCCF is committed to protecting inmates in its facility from all forms of sexual abuse, including assaults or harassment.

All reports of sexual abuse will be taken seriously and investigated fully, and those committing a crime will be held accountable whenever possible.

All allegations of Sexual Abuse or Sexual Harassment will be referred for an investigation to a law enforcement agency (Taft Police Department or Kern County Sheriff’s Office) with legal authority to conduct criminal investigations unless the allegation does not involve potentially criminal behavior.  Taft MCCF will conduct administrative investigations.  California Department of Corrections Rehabilitation (CDCR) will investigate allegations against CDCR staff both administrative and criminal.

 Reporting Information 

All allegations of sexual abuse should be reported and will be investigated.  To report, call or mail the Taft MCCF PREA Coordinator at:


330 Commerce Way

Taft, CA 93268

661-765-2840 ext. 116

 Provide as much detail as possible, such as:


·         Inmate victim’s name and CDCR number

·         Perpetrator’s name and ID number (if available)

·         When/Where the incident occurred (date, time, location – i.e. dorm, shower, etc.)

·         Incident description

·         Your name, contact information and relationship to the inmate/victim


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