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Abandoned Cars

Report an Abandoned Car on Public Street or Highway

Vehicles can be parked on the street but must be in running condition for a maximum of 72 hours. If not operable, i.e. no wheels, engine, trash in gutters, cobwebs, etc., they can be towed by the City. They must also have current license and registration. The vehicle may also be towed if the registration is expired for longer than six months.

Report an Abandoned Car on Private Property

Vehicles can be parked in the driveway but must be in running condition. If the vehicle appears abandoned, wrecked, dismantled, unregistered and declared a public nuisance. You may be asked to repair or remove them; or you will be cited and they will be towed at your expense Per Taft City Ordinance Chapter 4 title 3


Inoperable Vehicles

All vehicles are prohibited from parking on any lawn area or on any un-approved parking pad.  Abandoned, inoperable, unlicensed and junk vehicles are not allowed on private or public property in the City of Taft.   You may be able to donate your vehicle to a registered charity.  There are several services that will pick up the vehicle free-of-charge.  

Vehicles parked on streets must be in running conditions, must have current license and registration, and can only park for a maximum of 72 hours.  Commercial trucks and trailers cannot park on the street in a residential neighborhood except when loading or unloading.  Recreational vehicles shall not be utilized additional living space. For further information call the vehicle abatement officer at 661-765-4136.

    Report a Vehicle
    Vehicle on the Roadway

    Vehicle on Private Property
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