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Property Maintenance

Yard Maintenance

Overgrown weeds, bushes, trees, grass and vegetation are fire and safety hazards.  Yard maintenance is the responsibility of every property owner and includes the maintenance of any right of way abutting the property.  Grass must be maintained at six inches or less.   

All shrubs in the right of way and on the right of way must be maintained.  The branches of any tree extending over any public sidewalk, street, and any other public way should be trimmed so that they do not obstruct vision or the travel of motorist and people, all dead trees and vegetation must be removed and disposed of properly.   


Fences and screening walls must be sound and made from approved fencing materials.  They also must be weather tight and free from deterioration and blight.  Fences in residential zones cannot be higher four feet in the required front yard.  This rule also applies to fences on street corners or areas adjacent to driveways.  A wrongly placed fence could prevent a car driver from observing an oncoming vehicle or pedestrian traffic. 


Outside Storage

Outside storage that can be seen from beyond the bounds of the property line is not allowed.  Generally, any equipment, building or landscaping materials; parts/auto parts; appliances; or any scrap items may not be visible.  No inoperable vehicles may be visible from beyond the property boundaries.  

Open and Vacant Buildings and Structures

The property owner is responsible for maintaining building, structures and grounds of property, windows, doors, and other openings must be kept secure so they cannot be opened from the outside.   

A property owner is required to board up a building/structure if it becomes vacant and is not secure.  Accessory buildings/structures on the property; such as storage sheds and garages, also must be secured to city specifications.

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