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Vacant Property
Any property which remain vacant and unoccupied for any appreciable period of time become an attractive nuisance to children, a harborage for rodents, an invitation to derelicts, vagrants and criminals as a temporary abode and as a place to engage in illegal conduct, frequently including illegal drug-related activity, and an increased fire hazard.  Such buildings contribute to the growth of blight within the City which create an unhealthy and unsafe condition affecting the public and constitutes an unreasonable use of property and a public nuisance.

A property owner is required to board up a building/structure if it becomes vacant and is not secure.  Accessory buildings/ structures on the property; such as storage sheds and garages, also must be secured to City specifications.  A boarding permit from Building Regulations Division is required.  Please note:  No building shall remain boarded for more than six (6) months.

Property owners must maintain the structure in good shape.   All points of entry to a vacant building, including windows and doors must be secured in accordance with City specifications.
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