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Taft Oversight Board

Effective July 1, 2018 the City of Taft Oversight Board to the Successor Agency has been dissolved, pursuant to Health and Safety Code Section 34179 (j).  The duties of the Board will now revert to the Countywide Oversight Board.



The Taft Oversight Board was established to oversee actions by the Successor Agency of the Taft Community Development Agency.


The Taft Community Development Agency, a Redevelopment Agency (RDA), was created in 1986, with the objective to eliminate and prevent the spread of blight and deterioration, and to promote the conservation, rehabilitation and redevelopment of the Project Area.  Other objectives were to control unplanned growth to the area, develop Taft as a business hub and to create job opportunities. 


In 2011, the Taft City Council expanded the area when it purchased land from Sunset Railway Company and Union Pacific Railway Company.  However, in January 2012, the State of California dissolved all the California RDA’s and the Taft City Council was named the Successor Agency of the RDA.  The Oversight Board was then established on April 10, 2012, with a seven (7) member Board of Directors appointed by various stakeholders in the community.




Randy Miller, City of Taft Councilmember

Teresa Binkley, City of Taft Finance Director

Teresa Hitchock, Kern County Administrative Office

Les Clark, West Side Recreation and Park District

Gary Bray, Kern County Superintendent of Schools

Dr. Debra S. Daniels, California Community Colleges

Dr. Kathy Orrin, Public Representative


Yvette Mayfield, CMC, Secretary




Regular meetings shall be held on the 3rd Wednesday of January at 2:30 p.m. in the Taft City Hall Conference Room, 209 E. Kern Street, Taft, CA 93268. (Resolution OB-2016-17)

Please click ROPS 15-16B for the most recent Recognized Obligation Payment Schedule (ROPS). 

Previous years ROPS are located on the Successor Agency Oversight Committee ROPS Page. 

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